By Engineering Program Director Jason Adams

Software changes. Code updates. New design practices.

Being an engineer or designer in today’s workplace means you are in a constant state of learning and keeping up with trends and changes in the industry, all the while maintaining the same high level of quality and efficiency.

At Benchmark Group, we take great pride in how our leadership invests in our team by fully supporting continuing education. And it has certainly been a busy season of training this summer! ATG (Applied Technology Group from North Little Rock, AR) came in-house and provided a refresher Revit 2016 Templates & Family Creation training for several members of our design team. Shortly thereafter, two team members attended the AGi32 training where they learned more about the lighting illumination software. Other training throughout the summer has included the Generac Industrial Power Engineering Symposium, the Principals Academy 2.0 by the Zweig Group, and other leadership and personal finance seminars, which have kept our teams in-the-know.

One of the most beneficial aspects of learning as a team is sharing knowledge. Iron sharpens iron, and our team thrives when best practices are shared and effectively communicated. In this environment, we are able to excel while designing to meet and exceed expectations.