As spring comes to an end and we enter into the full swing of summer, I’d like to thank our Clients & Vendors, old and new, for the business relationships.  I’d also like to thank our Staff for the many hours they’ve dedicated to making BG the team of choice, not just these past few months, but also in years past. 

We all know that working hard can be rewarding, but it must be offset by taking some time to do things that bring us joy and/or relaxation.  Now that the world is opening back up from COVID restrictions, I encourage you, when you’re able, to get outside and enjoy nature, take that trip you’ve always wanted to take, finish that project you’ve been meaning to finish, read that book you’ve been meaning to read, or just spend quality time with your family and friends.  These things can be just as rewarding as finishing that big project at work and equally important. 

One of the greatest things about BG is the importance of family.  We consider our network of Clients, Vendors & Staff to be part of our working family.  I’d like to thank each of you for being a part of the BG family, without you, we wouldn’t be here. 

Have a Wonderful Summer!! 

Shuree Pierce
Executive Vice President of Accounting & Finance