Another year is about to be in the books as we approach the holidays and 2021.  It has been a unique year navigating COVID, while leading our teams and clients through many successful projects.  Our teams have adapted and evolved utilizing new technology, moving to paperless QCs, and more importantly, being creative in overcoming the challenges we faced. Benchmark Group welcomed several new clients this year, both locally and through our Dallas office. We appreciate their faith in us and thank each and every one of our clients for the projects they have entrusted to us.

I have certainly missed the personal interactions at events and conferences we enjoy attending and look forward to seeing everyone again soon. One thing I think this year has given us is the ability to see one another as individuals and not just titles within a company, or client versus consultant. Since a lot of us meet virtually from our homes, I have enjoyed getting to know people better by talking about favorite sports teams, musical interests, or activities like mountain biking. Another prime example of getting to know someone is meeting their children or pets while on a virtual call.  Many of you have met my son Jasper this year as he enjoys telling everyone “Hi” and joining meetings, which always seems to bring a smile or laugh into the conversation. These interactions remind us that we are all human with unique interests and approaches but working together to create that successful one of a kind project and long-term relationship that we value so much.

As we continue to strive to protect the safety, health, and welfare of our staff and others in our daily operations and designs, the Benchmark Group family wishes you and yours happy holidays and hopes everyone stays healthy and safe. Best wishes for the coming year!

Jason C. Adams, P.E.
Executive Vice President