By Lindy Wise, Content Developer @ Benchmark Group

You walk in. You notice, as usual, the comfortable seating underneath ambient lighting. The refrigerated case is full of prepared foods & drinks. Art pieces decorate the wooden walls. All of these things work together perfectly, and none of it by accident. It was designed for the customer’s experience. It was prototyped. And it creates what we know as a “brand.”

Companies with ongoing building programs provide architects and engineers with a unique task to design buildings according to government codes and according to a prototype, all while preserving the customer experience.

Here’s a list of three areas that can influence how a company’s brand is reinforced in their building:


You brainstorm, you collaborate, and then it is ready to be designed. The design of your brick & mortar is very intentional, with moving pieces coming together to create a final product: your building. Architects, engineers, interior designers, construction companies, vendors, and so on, are all working together to bring your brand to life.

2.) CODES:

Now that your collaboration has turned into design ready to be drawn, another piece has to be tackled: city and state codes.  These codes can cause change in the design of your building. Permitting specialists work with code officials and provide a liaison between those officials and the A/E designers to implement changes to your design so that your brand is protected.


Customers expect to see your signage, along with those same type of comfortable chairs, lighting, and refrigerator cases they are familiar with. These expectations of your building (not just your logo) are what the customer comes to know of your company. If expectations aren’t met, customers may be disappointed, and they may choose to shop elsewhere. It is vital that your building is designed and built around the customer experience.


Your building is designed, meets codes, and is centered around the customer experience. Then this design, which is successful and working well in your city and state, needs to be replicated in a different state.  People are creatures of comfort. They want their great experience in Rogers, Arkansas, to be the same (if not better) at your store in New York City.  How do you accomplish this easily?  By relying on your A/E firm to preserve the integrity of your brand through the development and maintenance of your prototype, ensuring that it is reproduced and adapted successfully in various cities and states.

 Quality prototype development & maintenance is necessary to ensure the continued creation and strengthening of your company’s brand.

After your prototype has been developed, your A/E firm can then keep this prototype updated and maintained.  How does Benchmark Group accomplish this? By first working with you to filter all prototype changes through the lens of the company brand, ensuring that changes meet government codes, and then proliferating all changes throughout the prototype.

Starbucks, Walmart, Target, and more. All these chains create a customer experience through the thoughtful design and consistent use of their company brand.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help with your prototype development and maintenance.