Your team of choice.


Benchmark Group is an engineering and architecture firm with locations in Rogers, Arkansas and Dallas, Texas. With independent design professionals licensed in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, we have the ability to accommodate your project location.

Benchmark Group was founded in 1978 as an electrical engineering sole proprietorship. As we evolved and expanded our base of clients, we added additional engineering services and architecture to our range of solutions. Continuing our founder’s focus on clients’ needs, quality documents, and innovation, we have established long-lasting client relationships and continue to grow by adding new client relationships to our family.


When we begin working with you, we seek to understand your needs and vision. We fulfill that by:

01. SOLVING YOUR PROBLEMS:  If issues arise, we fully invest ourselves in finding the most cost-effective and beneficial solution to align with your design vision.

 It is of top priority to make your design a fully functioning, sustainable, & efficient investment for you.

03. BUILDING LASTING PARTNERSHIPS:  We stay with you through construction completion and beyond as we build a partnership with you.


Jason C. Adams, P.E

Executive Vice President

Nathan Aycock

Project Manager

Geoffrey Bacci, P.E.

Mechanical Engineer

Christine Bott

Executive VP - Support Operations

Chris Broshears

Project Manager

L. Paige Curtis, P.E.

Mechanical Engineer

Steve Damer, C.E.M.

Energy Services Project Manager

David A. Dorn, P.E.

Mechanical Engineer

Jacob Ford

Project Manager

Steve Gillespie

Program Manager, Engineering

Amy Gilliam

Program Director, Architecture

Robert Gilliam

Project Manager, Construction Compliance

Brian Goines

Project Manager

Randall C. Haase, P.E.

Senior Electrical Engineer

Heather Hurst

Human Resources Manager

Tammy Ivie

Program Manager, Architecture

David P. Kimball, P.E.


William R. Kraner, P.E.

Program Manager, Engineering

James A. Lastovica, AIA

Senior Architect

Michele Love

Marketing Manager

Jessica Mendoza

Project Manager, Architecture

Ryan D. Morris, P.E.

Electrical Engineer

Gabriel Nagel

Program Manager, Engineering

Matthew J. Nichols, P.E.

Engineering Program Director

Fred Ostrosky, AIA


Paul C. Parks, P.E.

Founder, Board Chair

Thomas Parks

Software Developer

Roy R. Payne Jr., P.E.

Mechanical Engineer

L. Brown Pendleton, AIA

Senior Architect

Shuree Pierce

Executive VP - Accounting & Finance

Chris Reimers

Project Manager

Jason M. Scates, P.E.

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Elizabeth Stadterman

Architectural Designer

Ricky N. Terrell, P.E.

Senior Fire Protection Engineer

Alan Scott Ward, AIA

Business Development Representative

Brent Watkins

Program Manager, Engineering

Stephanie Whorton

Project Manager

Joie Wilder

Program Director of Dallas Operations

Jeremiah Williams

IT Manager

Mark Yeatman

Program Manager, Engineering

Yina Zhang, P.E.

Mechanical Engineer